A Step Towards Green

The Minimalism Challenge: a cordial conclusion

Most of you lovely people are aware that Sean and I have been getting rid of our stuff. In fact some of you have even taken it off our hands. Every day we had to throw out the number of... Continue Reading →

When you just don’t feel like it

I've been binging on TED talks this last week. I'd momentarily forgotten how inspiring it is to hear clued up people, passionately share their ideas for around 15 minutes. The other day I came across one that scared me a... Continue Reading →

Day Twelve Update: the decluttering challenge

I didn't know how to make the reality of all of our unwanted items in a huge pile look aesthetically pleasing. In the end I decided that no filter was going to make this mess look pretty.   We have... Continue Reading →

Minimal Gifts

Most of the things that you own will have a story. Some of them will be boring, like maybe an impulse buy from TK Maxx. However you also probably own things that were given to you by someone significant or... Continue Reading →

The Minimalists Decluttering Challenge

Sean (my partner) and I are about to go head to head. It's going to be intense. It's going to be cut-throat. Only the cunning will survive. The task: Get rid of unused/unwanted items. On the first day of the... Continue Reading →

Lent: The Season of Letting Go

It's that time of year again. The time when the people around you get cranky because they deny themselves caffeine or sugar; those trying 40 days of breaking a habit. Lent is upon us. Lent is traditionally observed by Christians who... Continue Reading →

Allbirds Wool Runners- Product Review

I am a bargain hunter by nature. I never buy things if they're not on sale and will always shop around to make sure I am getting the best possible deal. It takes a special product to tempt me to... Continue Reading →

When you’re ready to give up

Being consistently sick makes you question a lot of things. Why am I always ill? What's making me this way and can I change it? Often the answers are not obvious. This leads to frustration and stress and thus, the cycle... Continue Reading →

The Low-Down on Menstrual Cups

I love talking about my period. I don't love having my period, but seeing as it happens every three weeks, I think I should blimmin well be able to speak about it. One of my favourite things to talk about is how much... Continue Reading →

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