I’ve talked recently about spring cleaning your social media usage.

Today I decided to actually do something about my own and I deleted two instagram accounts, (I know, I had three, so extra) including the one I created to supplement this blog.

This is why

  1. My step towards green account was making me sad more than it was adding anything to my life. I followed people I didn’t know, living lives I thought would “inspire” me. The truth is, most of them made me feel a bit crap about myself and ain’t nobody got time for that.
  2. This one is hard to admit but maybe I’m not alone in this. I always noticed when someone un-followed me and I would always feel a pang of disappointment. It sounds silly but it was an automatic reaction that I had no control over- until now.
  3. My account I created for food I just didn’t get into. I make the same meals all the time and I prefer eating my food while it’s hot: who would have thought? Mad respect to all the food bloggers out there; making food look pretty is blimmin’ hard.
  4. I was using it in the place of real human conversation. Living so remotely, I can’t just meet up with people and have a face to face chat. However, our time on the island is almost over and I will need to get out of my comfort zone and try to meet some friends when we move back to my parents place. I can’t keep watching other people live their lives.
  5. I’m sick of being sold sh*t. Everywhere I look people are selling me merch or telling me how to get those booty gains or other crap that I don’t care about. Life is too short and I’m saving my money thank you very much.


It’s been a generally accepted fact for a while, that it’s near impossible to function in society without social media. It’s changed the way we communicate and share information but it shouldn’t have the power to change how you feel about yourself.

I’m keeping my personal instagram account for now but I have already unfollowed a bunch of celebrities and any account that is just about selling products. At the end of the day it’s about being mindful of the messages you are being exposed to and use that unfollow or delete button if you need to. I promise you it can feel pretty damn good.