I’ve been pretty quiet on here because a lot has been going on. Moving countries ain’t no easy feat, lemme tell ya. A lot has changed but I want to talk about one thing that I wasn’t expecting…

Sean and I have been saying for the last few months that we would get back into a gym/exercise routine once we got to NZ. It sounds like a delaying tactic but as we are both unemployed at the moment we have had the time on our hands needed to get back into it.

As part of our gym membership I got to do an “orientation” with a trainer. He took me through some exercises to kind of gauge where I’m at and also asked a tonne of questions about my general life and head-space. He asked me what my goals were for the gym and why I am going at all. To my surprise I found myself saying that I just wanted to establish a routine and be able to push myself with the only goal being to increase my overall strength.

You might be wondering what’s so strange about that? Well, for once I can say I have no goals related to my body or my weight. I don’t want to drop a dress size, there’s no “problem area” I want to work on or change about myself. That’s a pretty big thing to be able to say with complete honesty.

I’m not claiming to love everything about myself all the time but for once, I’m not looking at exercise as a punishment for my body. I’ve decided to keep working with the trainer for a few weeks to build up my confidence and also just getting used to that feeling of pushing myself to my limits rather to when it just starts to feel a bit hard.

I’m hoping that my mindset is going to allow me to see progress in my actual performance. That’s really the key in my opinion. When you can focus on what your body can do rather than what it looks like, it’s a lot easier to appreciate what you have.