A Step Towards Green


June 2017

Why Fashion Shouldn’t be Fast

*wearing my Sancho's Dress jumper and second hand leggings. As a lot of you may remember, for Lent this year I challenged myself to not purchase any new items for the entire 40 days. I managed it without too many... Continue Reading →

I’m doing it. I’m saying the F word

This is not a post that I am looking forward to sharing. However, my mind has been racing over the last couple of days and I think this is the only way I can get some peace and quiet in... Continue Reading →

It’s not over. Not even close.

Today is election day. It's also a day that I managed to finish a course about climate change leadership, but other than that it's a fairly unremarkable day. I promised myself I wouldn't get emotionally invested in the outcome of... Continue Reading →

Are you listening?

I can't decide whether the increase in interest regarding political and sociopolitical issues with my generation is down to us "growing-up", or whether we are living in a period of heightened awareness and change. Either way, I have been a part... Continue Reading →

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