A Step Towards Green


May 2017

Hypocrisy and Confidence

Full disclosure: The last few days have been rough. There has been a lot of despairing, crying and tantrum throwing. I even had a nap today, and I usually don't do naps. I am somebody who gets upset about one... Continue Reading →

Harambe back from the Dead: a conspiracy

Okay I'm sorry. I click-baited you. It was wrong of me and I can only apologise, and hope that you keep reading. You see, lots of people switch off at the mere whiff of the mention of the word politics. Those people,... Continue Reading →

Learn to Love Sleep

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by own thoughts this week. I usually post on a Sunday, but I couldn't tease out my ideas enough to find any kind of clarity. So rather than ramble on incoherently, or give up... Continue Reading →

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