Yesterday was Earth Day. It’s one of those occasions that you wonder why we need to have a day to celebrate something so obviously wonderful.

The Earth is our home. It houses our friends and families, it provides the backdrop for our memories and proves that miracles are reality.

It is human nature to want to improve things and makes things easier and better. Unfortunately our Earth pays the price for many of the things that we find to be convenient. I think our culture of business and “productivity” has a lot to answer for, but that’s a whole other post for another day.

I simply want to share a list of simple ways you can show Earth some lovin’ every day.

  1. Stash an old plastic or cloth bag in your handbag or backpack for unexpected shopping trips. Stash a few in the boot of your car too. If you do get caught out, just make sure you use them again.
  2. Recycle! If you don’t have a recycling bin, contact your local council for a replacement. It doesn’t take long to get in the habit and you’ll save yourself on trips to the wheelie bin.
  3. Don’t wash your clothes unecessarily. Underwear and socks excluded, try to only wash things if they are actually dirty and not just because it’s easier to put them in the washing basket than to fold them and put them away.
  4. Try a vegetarian meal. Giving yourself a break from meat every so often is good for your gut, your wallet and the environment. If you can’t find a vegetarian recipe that looks tasty and is super nourishing and filling then well, you’re a liar.
  5. Invest in a sturdy, easy to clean, reusable drink bottle. Then if you’re like me, try not to lose it.
  6. Drink your damn drink without a straw. Unless it’s reusable, coz that’s a thing.
  7. Use jars and ice cream tubs for packed lunches and leftovers rather than throwing them out straight away. Most of my food lives in swedish glace vanilla ice cream tubs…
  8. Buy loose vegetables and don’t put them in a plastic bag unless you’ve brought your own. It reduces food waste and you’re going to wash them anyway, so the plastic bag is pretty unecessary.
  9. Buy less crap. Simple but effective.
  10. And while you’re at it, go outside and enjoy the place we all want to protect!


All of these suggestions are small things that could add up to big change if we all tried to change our mindset. The old argument “one person can’t make a difference” is utter crap to put it bluntly. It’s not about being perfect, but we can all do our part to consume more consciously and to treat our world with kindness. Make a change and start the ripple because it’s pretty clear we can’t rely on anyone else to do it for us.

Peace and love!