A Step Towards Green


April 2017

Caring Bravely

Caring about things is hard. It requires a certain amount of vulnerability to admit that you are affected by the actions of other people, the outcomes of certain events or the fate of fellow beings. Caring about people can be painful... Continue Reading →

Earth Lovin’

Yesterday was Earth Day. It's one of those occasions that you wonder why we need to have a day to celebrate something so obviously wonderful. The Earth is our home. It houses our friends and families, it provides the backdrop... Continue Reading →

40 Days of not Buying Stuff

If you hadn't already heard, for Lent I challenged myself to not make any material purchases for the 40 days. It fit very well with our March minimalism challenge with the idea being to enjoy life without the focus being on aquiring things. I... Continue Reading →

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

There is a part of me that doesn't want to share this recipe. It's not even really mine to share, as it was introduced to me by a dear friend. But if it makes anyone else even just a little... Continue Reading →

Boobs and Body Image

  The first time I remember thinking critically about my body was when I was about nine or ten. I wanted to start shaving my legs (which is outrageous, thank you Mum for saying no), and my brothers had just... Continue Reading →

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