Most of you lovely people are aware that Sean and I have been getting rid of our stuff. In fact some of you have even taken it off our hands. Every day we had to throw out the number of items that corresponded to whatever the calendar date was.

Today is day 27 of the challenge and we took everything that we had collected that couldn’t be recycled, to the tip or the charity shop. 351 items. Each. 702 items! Now the challenge was to make it to the end of the month but for various reasons we have decided to end it today. Mainly because today was the most convenient day to sort it all out (and Sean knew he was about to lose).

To be honest, looking around our house there is still more that can be done to work towards living minimally. I think the point is that we are giving ourselves a break from the pressure of the challenge which was difficult to keep up with when you work twelve hour days, a couple of times a week. I know I am still keeping an eye out for anything left lurking that can go, but I will do it on a gradual basis.

I also want to enforce a one in, one out rule. Meaning that if I want to purchase anything then something else has to go. At the moment I am still persevering with my lent challenge so I am still not allowed to purchase any material items for a few weeks yet.

The challenge has definitely impacted on how I will treat my possessions in the future. Seeing our car load of crap was kind of scary, particularly with how much had to go to the general waste section of the tip. I have kind of vowed to myself to only buy things that I will wear out or use again and again so that I know that I gotten value out of owning them.

I think we are still a wee way away from being able to fit in a van or tiny home which is our ultimate dream. I do however feel confident that it’s not going to be my possessiveness of my possessions that is going to stand in our way. The challenge has certainly made me realise that there is no need to be so attached to most things.

We are still going to get our spa day. Sean purchased a Groupon voucher a few weeks ago (not because he knew was going to lose or anything I am told). Not that it was about the wager, we all know pride was on the line. I am proud of us anyway and my new favourite area is my wardrobe pictured above. I definitely recommend giving the decluttering challenge a go. Even if you modified it so you did three items a day or whatever seems a bit less scary. You might surprise yourself with how good it feels to let stuff go.