I didn’t know how to make the reality of all of our unwanted items in a huge pile look aesthetically pleasing. In the end I decided that no filter was going to make this mess look pretty.


We have made it to day twelve without any particular dramas. By my calculations we should have gotten rid of 78 things by today. I can tell you that it does not feel like that much at all. Although when you look in the room that we have been putting everything it becomes quite believable…

78 things each. That’s 156 combined! Yet the scary thing is that you can barely tell. You don’t look around the house and go “wow these guys are keeping it simple” or anything along those lines.

There are only a couple of places that gaps have started to appear. Namely in my wardrobe and above it, where we kept all of the big things that we rarely use, like suitcases and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfits in Sean’s case.

I’m actually finding it quite liberating being able to see more of my clothes and know that I wear everything that is there. It has also highlighted how few colours I wear. Apparently navy blue, grey and black is my uniform of choice. I have always like the idea of a capsule wardrobe but have never really known how to start. My guess now is that you begin by chucking everything that you don’t love and/or wear all the time.

I think it is going to make me very careful about any purchases I make in future. I have tried to use this challenge as an opportunity to get rid of things that I know need replacing. When the time comes, I will try to view it as an investment, as I will be buying something that will be adding value to my life by doing its job for as long as possible.

That’s not something I have to worry about just now though as I am still in the throng of my Lent challenge of no material purchases. In the mean time, I need to keep my head in the game as Sean has shown no signs of faltering, even as we have hit double digits. Undoubtedly because he has realised he has more stuff than he thought he did!