Sean (my partner) and I are about to go head to head. It’s going to be intense. It’s going to be cut-throat. Only the cunning will survive.

The task: Get rid of unused/unwanted items.

On the first day of the month we must throw out one item; on the second day, two items and so on until somebody caves and can’t get rid of anything else.

The stakes: A spa day for two

May the most ruthless (future) minimalist win.

I heard about this challenge on The Minimalists podcast. The reason I thought it would be great idea for us, is because we own a lot of crap. We have a large apartment and we have filled it. It’s so true that we accumulate and occupy whatever space we have. We get so good at organising our crap so we can pretend we don’t actually have that much crap, but we really do. There are so many items that we don’t use on a yearly basis, let alone daily. Those are exactly the items that I want to get rid of.

The principle of minimalism is that everything you own adds value to your life. That is, it either serves a need or brings you joy. To me that idea is really beautiful but also kind of sad. Sad because surely that’s how it should always be. Yet I find myself, with way more than I need or even really want.

The other reason that I think this is a great challenge for Sean and I, is because we are competitive. Turning it into a wager makes it less boring and less likely that we won’t follow through. As well as holding each other accountable, I’m going to document the items we get rid of on my instagram @steptowardsgreen.

Sean’s been talking a big game about how he’s got this in the bag. But I think I may have more stuff than him and I am one hundred percent committed to the cause. If we make it to the end of the month we will be down 496 possessions each. That sounds like an astronomical amount. Sean doesn’t even think he owns 500 things but I reckon he might be surprised. I mean, I know I have over 20 pairs of socks so there’s a start.

Whoever ends up winning, (me, I will), I am excited to see what we we are left with. At the very least it should make the next time we move a lot easier! I’m hoping as well that we can spend less time tidying up after ourselves and more time doing fun things.