So my app tells me I have completed almost 2 and a half hours of meditation so far. That sounds like a lot of time if you ask me. It makes me think what else I could master if I spent ten minutes a day on it. Not that I’d say I had mastered meditation, like at all. Of those 2 and a half hours, probably 2 and a quarter of them were spent either daydreaming and thinking about how awful trying to not think about anything is.

That being said I have noticed a few changes.

  1. I look forward to seeing what the session theme will be. There have been a couple of times that it has absolutely hit the nail on the head of something that I have been struggling with. Some of them have been a bit blah, but most of the time there are some good words of wisdom to take on board.
  2.  I have used the breathing techniques during my regular day to calm my racing mind.
  3. I have even opted to do the practice earlier than normal. I usually do it before bed but I actually felt like I wanted to do it earlier to put me in a better mindset for the rest of the day.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that it’s still very hard. I think the biggest lesson I am trying to teach myself, is that my thoughts can wait and so can my worries. I have always struggled to let future problems just be until it is time to tackle them. It stops me from being present which is what mindfulness is all about.

I have begun to think about meditation as me-time. Ten minutes carved out of my day that is just for me to check in with myself. I am happy with my investment in the calm app and also in that time for myself. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum and keep practising!