I live on the top floor of a small apartment building. It has amazing, spacious rooms with such a lot of space for yoga. It also has windows running down either side that let in a bunch of light, producing a bit of a greenhouse effect. Myself and my housemates decided that it was about time we harnessed this power rather than feeling like victims of it, as it does get pretty stuffy sometimes.

We have turned our large, kitchen windowsill into a home for herbs and cacti. This was pretty easy as everything we needed was available from our local garden centre. We have used teacups found in a charity shop for the cacti and some rustic looking tins for the herbs. There are also two bonzai trees growing furiously.

Our wooden beams have also been utilisized and turned into a three tier planter. We just screwed two rectangluar bit of wood to the beam that extended out a bit to allow for three more bits of wood to be screwed in horizontally to create three triangular shaped shelves. These are lined with plastic so the wood doesn’t start rotting.

Our third area of green is a pallet that is simply propped up against a wall in our living area. We screwed panels in to close up the gaps that would otherwise have meant the soil and plants would fall to the ground. This again gave us three mini planter boxes. We have chosen plants recommended to be planted indoors in a variety of colours and shapes. I’m most excited about the row of daffidols blooming.

This isn’t a step by step guide because everyone has different skills and areas to work with. I guess I’m trying to demonstrate the it only takes a little bit of creativity, some light and not a lot of money to have a bit of greenery. Not having an outside space wa the one downfall of our apartment, but having plants to produce oxygen and get excited about their growth makes it not seem so bad. It’s amazing how it’s changed the overall feel of the space.

I’m looking forward to the herbs being big enough to start picking. I’m imagining thyme roasted vegetables and minted spuds- delish!