A Step Towards Green


January 2017

Food and Feelings

I don't know whether it has always been so, but it seems to me that what you eat has become as much as part of a person's identity as their world view or belief system. Should you choose to give... Continue Reading →

Daily Ohms

Over the last year I have found myself getting sick more often than what I would consider to be normal for me. I've been living in England for the past few years and I work with children, so the odd... Continue Reading →

First Steps

I feel it necessary to get this post out of my system. To justify, or at the very least try explain why I have decided to take up this little space in the internet.

What drives you, really.

Being an overthinker is really hard work. I have a life crisis every other week because I constantly analyse whether I am doing the "right" thing with my life. Of course I realise that there is no definitive answer or even guideline for what the right thing is, but that doesn't stop my preoccupation with it.

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