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What drives you, really.

Being an overthinker is really hard work. I have a life crisis every other week because I constantly analyse whether I am doing the "right" thing with my life. Of course I realise that there is no definitive answer or even guideline for what the right thing is, but that doesn't stop my preoccupation with it.

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5 Podcasts to get you hooked on Podcasts

Death, Sex and Money Genre: Interview/Real life Episode Length: 10-50 minutes   This was the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. Hosted by Anna Sale, Death, Sex and Money is an interview format show that deals with people's real... Continue Reading →

Why I deleted my Instagram Accounts

I've talked recently about spring cleaning your social media usage. Today I decided to actually do something about my own and I deleted two instagram accounts, (I know, I had three, so extra) including the one I created to supplement... Continue Reading →

Top Tips for Creating an Exercise Routine that is good for your Mind, Body and Wallet

Exercise has always been a part of my life. There have been times where this has simply been because I enjoyed it, but other times I have used it as a way to punish my body and "earn" food. When... Continue Reading →

Why we need to sweat the small (plastic) stuff

Living on a small island, I have the luxury of taking myself out for a walk along the beach whenever I need to clear my head. That is exactly what I was planning to do today and it started off... Continue Reading →

New Year Who Dis? The resolution that’s not too late to start

This year I invite you all to join me on a detox journey. Now don't panic. I'm not suggesting a diet consisting of only tea or juice or any other liquid because that sh* is whack. I'm instead asking you... Continue Reading →

25 Nuggets of Wisdom

For my first blog of the new year I thought I would remind myself of what I have learnt in my twenty-five years of life so far. Here goes! Your parents are pretty cool They're also usually right. Despite your... Continue Reading →

The Trouble with Paradise

Humans are pretty adaptable. We have been known to survive the most adverse of situations, including the horror that is the UK winter. I personally spent much of this year feeling in a ginormous rut. Not even just a rut;... Continue Reading →

More Stuff, More Problems

If I've learned one thing about myself in the last year, it's that I like to do a lot of processing before responding to situations. A lot has changed in my life in the last 3 months and that's why... Continue Reading →

First Times

I've been pretty quiet on here because a lot has been going on. Moving countries ain't no easy feat, lemme tell ya. A lot has changed but I want to talk about one thing that I wasn't expecting... Sean and... Continue Reading →

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