A Step Towards Green

What drives you, really.

Being an overthinker is really hard work. I have a life crisis every other week because I constantly analyse whether I am doing the "right" thing with my life. Of course I realise that there is no definitive answer or even guideline for what the right thing is, but that doesn't stop my preoccupation with it.

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The Trouble with Paradise

Humans are pretty adaptable. We have been known to survive the most adverse of situations, including the horror that is the UK winter. I personally spent much of this year feeling in a ginormous rut. Not even just a rut;... Continue Reading →

More Stuff, More Problems

If I've learned one thing about myself in the last year, it's that I like to do a lot of processing before responding to situations. A lot has changed in my life in the last 3 months and that's why... Continue Reading →

First Times

I've been pretty quiet on here because a lot has been going on. Moving countries ain't no easy feat, lemme tell ya. A lot has changed but I want to talk about one thing that I wasn't expecting... Sean and... Continue Reading →

Queen B and Happiness

Move over Beyoncé, there's a new Queen B in town, and her name is Brené. If you haven't heard of Brene Brown then you have either been hiding out under a rock or you have heard of her, you just... Continue Reading →

Stop bullying Carbs

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician just a food enthusiast  You may find this a tad unbelievable, but I have only recently discovered Youtube. I knew of its existence obviously, but I never truly harnessed its powers of distraction and... Continue Reading →

Rollin’ with it

I like going on holiday, but I don't really like holidays, if that makes sense. I like travelling, lying on the beach, swimming in warmer seas, exploring new towns, trying new foods and all that good stuff that happens when... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Move-a-holic

As it stands, I have never lived anywhere for longer than five years. I have moved cities/towns 7 times and countries twice. These moves were either education related, for my Dad's Air Force jobs or out of my own, sweet,... Continue Reading →

With a pinch of salt

One of my intentions for starting this blog was to write something once a week, whether I feel like it or not. Now I'm a big advocate in listening to your body and saying no lots when you have too... Continue Reading →

Learning to Fail

If you had known me in my early high school years, you may not have liked me that much. I was that really annoying person who put little effort into things but got pretty great results. Schoolwork and sport in... Continue Reading →

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